4th Annual Conference of the Association of Heterodox Economics

Branching out from its usual base in the UK, this year's heterodox conference was held at Dublin City University, 9-10 July 2002. All economists were encouraged to come together and hear a diversity of papers on topics not well represented in mainstream economics. The Conference took place over two days, with four parallel tracks and two plenary sessions.


The organising committee
Andrew Trigg - co-ordinator (Open University)
Siobhain McGovern - local organiser (Dublin City University)
Paul Downward (Staffordshire University)
Alan Freeman (University of Greenwich)
Alfredo Saad Filho (School of Oriental and African Studies)
Tidings Ndhlovu (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Andy Denis (City University, London)
Gary Slater (University of Leeds)
Andrew Brown (University of Leeds)
Wendy Olsen (University of Bradford)
Karl Petrick (Leeds Metropolitan University)
Judith Mehta (Open University)
Bruce Philp (Nottingham Trent University)
Geoff Tily (University College London)
Jan Toporowski (South Bank University)

CSE 2002 Annual Conference

The CSE 2002 Annual Conference, which followed the AGM on Saturday 6 July,
was a debate on the theme of Converging around neo-liberalism? The
Euro and the Left

The meeting was chaired by CSE Executive Committee member Miguel Martinez
Lucio of Leeds University Business School. There were two sessions with
four invited speakers.

(Chair) Miguel Martinez Lucio (Leeds University)
Introduction -The implications and ideology of the Euro

Bernie Moss (University College London)
The single currency in the context of national approaches to socialism

Andrew Brown, (Leeds University)
The Euro and economic policy

Teresa Hayter (author of 'Open Borders')
Integration in Europe and social exclusion

Werner Bonefeld (York University)
European Integration: the political, the market and class

John Grahl (North London University)
The Euro and the left