The Miners' Strike 20 years on: Challenges and Changes

Northumbira University, 11th - 13th July 2004

The Work and Employment Research Centre at Northumbria University is staging a major international conference to mark the twentieth anniversary of the 1984-5 Miners' Strike. The period since the end of the strike has seen profound global changes in work and employment. The conference will reflect on the impact of the most significant post-war industrial dispute in the UK and draw attention to the challenges its aftermath posed to communitites, trade unions, polititcisans and the men and women who were involved.

Northumbria University, the National Union of Mineworkers, the Durham Miners Association, and the journal Capital and Class, are jointly supporting the conference. Participants from within and beyond the academic community are equally welcome. The conference is timed to follow the Saturday of teh Durham Miners' Gala, which remains the largest festival of trade unionism in the UK and attracts mojor speakers. Other events are planned around the conference that will celebrate the contribution of miners and trade unionists to the development of British culture and communities.

There are four conference streams each led by a plenary session with an internatinally recognised speaker. These streams will be Industrial Relations, Class and Community, Gender, and Politics.

Key speakers include Prof. John Kelly, London School of Economics; Prof. Huw Beynon, Cardiff University; Prof. Sheila Rowbotham, Manchester University; Prof. Ray Hudson, University of Durham; Prof. Harriet Bradley, Bristol Univiersity; Ian Lavery, President, NUM.


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